Top Chart: Elite Models in Adult Videos

Posted On Feb 5 2017

Some sex models and porn stars

For almost every boy, watching porn is one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences of his life. Locking the bedroom door, and switching on the computer to witness an explicit sexual act gives a great adrenaline rush, and sends the blood rushing through every guy’s veins.… Read the rest

Why I Love To Watch Hardcore Videos

Posted On Jan 13 2017

There are certain perks to being the go-to computer guy where I work, and as much as I enjoy pouring over javascript programs, having my own private corner to work from allows me certain liberties.… Read the rest

Huge Ass Videos Proved Me Right

Posted On Jan 8 2017

Today after breakfast, I found some big ass videos and I remember a teen girl in junior high school, her name was Rose, and she was my secret crush. I found her to be a bit shy and coy, a lot of the other kids didn’t associate with her, but, I had my eye on her in a way that would get me through the many masturbation filled nights of puberty.… Read the rest

Coming Soon Erotic Poetry Archive

Posted On May 31 2016

Dear our visitors!

We planning to publish here our erotic poetry and fanfiction stories. If you share our interests, please submit us your own work. Send me email via contact form.… Read the rest

What is mature porn?

Posted On Feb 26 2016

Free Mature Porn

Are you looking for spicy mature porn with women over 40 years old? If so, I have you covered. If you are wondering what mature erotica really entails, here is an idea.… Read the rest