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    Release time:2018-07-03 09:01:21

    Location:Yu Nan Cun eighteen group (9 Chuang Road), Haimen town, Haimen, Jiangsu

    Closing date:Long-term

    Recruitment needs:

    Haimen Yifeng Machinery Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shanghai Pudong New Area, has a superior geographical position and convenient transportation. It has a processing factory in Haimen, Jiangsu Province. It is a precision machining and brazing professional enterprise which integrates development, production and sales.

    - over 18 years of age, men and women are not restricted, healthy.

    - able to work hard and adapt to shift working hours.

    - related mechanical processing graduates, familiar with mechanical processors preferred.

    Related treatment:

    - The company provides special instructors for new employees to conduct a one-week pre-job training, training to assess the end, the passer-by to become a full-time employee.

    - wages are mainly distributed in the form of piecework system, and they are normally on duty.

    The average monthly salary is 4500~7000 yuan.

    Interested parties can contact our company's personnel administration department.

    Company address: 9, Chuang Road, Yudong Town, Haimen city.

    Interview time: Monday to Friday all day (please bring the original ID card).

    Contact number: 15121181305 18001969596

    Contact: Miss Hu, Miss Liu.

    Haimen Yifeng machinery parts manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Personnel administration department

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