Why I Love To Watch Hardcore Videos

Posted On Jan 13 2017

There are certain perks to being the go-to computer guy where I work, and as much as I enjoy pouring over javascript programs, having my own private corner to work from allows me certain liberties. When I need a break no one has a clue that I’ve gone to watch Videos.Apornstories.com hardcore videos.

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I come up with some of my best ideas for the computer when I work with a bit of an erection and hardcore thoughts going through my mind. So, allowing the stiffness to form in the front of my jeans, I tune into the hot babes that are blowing cocks and wiggling their huge ass in the air waiting for fucking, and then I turn back into a computer geek.

There is one certain hot blonde model that drives me wild; she has a body that’s so creamy, with natural big tits and large nipples, not to mention a hunger for oral sex that includes deep throat action. She reminds me of a girl I work with. Each time she walks by my computer-filled corner of the office, the way her stockings shimmer, and the sound of her high heels, it is all a sexual aphrodisiac to me. She dropped a folder the other day and bent over right in front of me, which gave me an upskirt flash of her pretty panties, and I nearly shot my load! My mind is always filled with sexy thoughts, and since my work is often late at night, something tells me I’ll be getting a lot of HD tube enjoyment.

One night: The hours actually passed quickly while I worked on source codes and, before I knew it, people were clearing out of the office for the day, computers were left to go into screensaver mode and the lights were dimmed, leaving my corner of the room the only part still thriving with javascript technology, or so I thought.

Thinking I was alone, I brought up my blonde, hot, porn model fantasy girl in high definition and began to dream that it was my erection plowing deep into her vagina. I reached down and rubbed my aching cock through its denim prison and I could already feel the pre-cum oozing from the head. I immediately thought of my co-worker and under my breath I muttered, “Oh, how I would love to fuck you like that!” Suddenly I heard a voice next to me saying, “Who would you love to fuck like that in hardcore way?!” I jumped and spun around in my chair, and there she stood, the object of my attention looking just as hot as the mature porn model in hardcore videos on my computer screen.

I stammered for a minute, unsure of just what to say, and she began to laugh over my attempt of climbing my way out of my embarrassment. She removed my hand from my jeans and placed it on the front of her blouse. Through the soft, silky material I could feel her nipple was hard. That was all the incentive I needed and I pulled her closer to me, offering a deep, tongue-filled kiss as my hand slid down to feel those shimmering stockings that always turned me on.

My hand traveled higher and I found she was wearing no panties. She had a smoothly shaved pussy that was already covered in her gooey wetness. My finger slid into the slippery slit, rubbing her engorged clitoris and then, inserting it to the second knuckle, her hips moved in all directions, allowing her to ride my finger.

I stood up, dropping my jeans and boxers to my ankles. With one swipe of my hand, the folders from my desk fell to the floor and I bent my blonde dream over. Still feeling her nylons against the back of my legs, I took aim with my throbbing cock and slid it in slowly from behind, admiring her shapely ass as I did so. I reached around and cupped her large, natural breasts, squeezing them and fondling her nipples as I felt her pussy juices coating my shaft.

I thought of the long hours I’d put in that day, pouring over the javascript programs and how every fantasy that had filled my mind throughout those hours and all of the days before, were finally coming true. Just knowing I was fucking a co-worker across my desk, with her pussy squeezes me like a vice, was more than I could take. I heard a throaty moan come from her, and felt the trembling of her orgasm before I unleashed my own seed deep inside her. These porn videos have really changed my life!