Top Chart: Elite Models in Adult Videos

Posted On Feb 5 2017

Some sex models and porn stars

For almost every boy, watching porn is one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences of his life. Locking the bedroom door, and switching on the computer to witness an explicit sexual act gives a great adrenaline rush, and sends the blood rushing through every guy’s veins. While watching porn, you may want to imagine 36DD boobs that glisten like Twilight vampires or take a look at hot vaginas that are soaked with the desires of endless sex. On the Internet, you can find almost everything. However, there’s nothing better than watching the sexy models give it all away at the

Bree Olson

Bree Olson’s ancestors migrated from Ukraine during the war. The blue eyed, blonde haired and neatly shaven wonder girl wasn’t the typical tough girl beginner her career in a strip club to pay for college. Bree openly admits that she always wanted to be a pornstar. While other girls played hockey and became ballerinas, Bree was focusing on developing her body for a shining career in the porn industry.

Bree has already starred in more than 200 porn movies. Among the porn enthusiasts, her vagina is more famous that some of the celebrities from Hollywood. Bree Olson is one of the most beautiful and elite models of all times.

Jenna Jameson

In 1990, Jenna Jameson ran away from her home with her long time boyfriend. She used pliers to rip off her bracers, and even got a fake ID to join a premium exotic dance show in Las Vegas. Since then, Jenna’s career has grown faster than the ‘tools’ of guys who constantly find her hardcore videos on the Internet.

For her work in the industry, Jenna has received numerous awards. She is one of the highest paid movie stars in the X-rated industry. In fact, she even owns her own production company, line of products and website. She also gives her voice in popular games and shows, including Grand Theft Auto and Family Guy. She recently retired from the sex industry. Jenna is married to Tito Ortiz (UFC fighter).

Sasha Grey

Sasha has quickly risen to tremendous fame in the industry. In fact, some people also consider the Brains of Porn. She’s already being considered the next Jenna Jameson of the porn world. In the early stages of her career, she has gone through 5 man orgies, and anal sex scenes to become one of the most popular models.

Sasha has also featured in some porn movies at Sexoficator website and at a few non-adult shows, including her role of Vinnie Chase’s girlfriend in Entourage. She insists that her parents are proud of her achievements. Though there doesn’t seem to be much truth or admiration to such honesty.


Without a doubt, Belladonna is one of the most popular pornstars in the adult industry. Her resume features an experience of many years. Belladonna started working in the porn industry at a very early age. In her first movie, directors were delighted and shocked to see her pee on a co-star. Most of her productions have been under the name of Gonzo Pornography. To be honest, it sounds like a Hollywood underworld mafia character.

Recently, she shifted her genre to some niche fetish market. Fortunately, the shift produced some of the best video titles in her career, such as Dark Meat, New Mature Porn Tales, Weapons of Ass Destruction, My Huge Ass is Haunted, Odd Jobs and more. Belladonna has an estimated worth of more than $30 million. There’s no doubt that she’s also on the Richest Sluts list.

Jonno Adams

Jonno Adams is the only male pornstar on our list. He always uses his impressive facial hair, adequately sized penis and wit to lure unsuspecting girls into his web of broken promises, shattered dreams and deceit. In recent years, his career has reached the heights of greatness. He uses a violent sexual technique, and suave demeanor to win his sexual conquests. When this sexual beast takes over his prey, no part of her body remains safe. For some people, it’s too difficult to witness the ordeal girls go through while having sex with Jonno Adams.

The modern mindset has brought many changes to how porn was perceived in our society. People have realized that suppressing guys from watching porn has more drawbacks than benefits. If you want to witness the beauty of these sexy models, visit these porn models online. You will be amazed at the collection on the website.